Improving Patient Safety

Ensuring the safety of patients is paramount.

The financial impact of safety failure is considerable. Approximately 15% of total hospital activity and expenditure is a direct result of adverse events. The most burdensome adverse event types include venous thromboembolism, pressure ulcers, and infections1.

Through patented foam technology, the TREZZOTM family of pressure area care support surfaces offer the best in patient safety for those that have been identified as high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Patient safety

Understand patient safety in numbers.

  • 224,674 patients were reported to have developed a new pressure ulcer in the NHS in England in a 12 month period3
  • £3.8 Million is spent on treating pressure damage by the NHS every day3
  • In 2018 pressure ulcers cost the NHS more than £20m in litigation and claims against trusts related to pressure ulcers increased by 43% in the three years up to 2017-184.
  • Monitoring and reporting – A replacement to the NHS Safety Thermometer is currently being developed and will be available to view in the Model Health System5

How TREZZO™ improves patient safety.

Prof Karen Ousey (University of Huddersfield) shares the results of a prospective evaluation of TREZZOTM advance transfer with Dura-lastTM cover.

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Grace Parfitt (University of Huddersfield) explores how TREZZOTM advance transfer can reduce the use of dynamic mattresses in clinical practice.

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Want to know more?

Visit our Knowledge Centre where you can download supporting information for TREZZOTM advance transfer including clinical papers, product information and more.


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