TREZZO™ improves patient safety and comfort, providing a durable and sustainable solution.

Support for the challenges you face.

The healthcare environment is becoming more complex, higher numbers of patients are entering hospitals with increasingly complex and unpredictable health conditions. Delivering the correct care package has never been more important!

Medical technology is used during a patients length of stay to improve safety and comfort so that clinical outcomes can be improved, and further complications can be avoided.

At Essential Healthcare we understand the challenges you face when it comes to selecting pressure area care devices that not only ensure patient safety and comfort, but also provide a durable and sustainable solution.

Solutions through innovation.

The Queens award winning TREZZOTM family of pressure area care support surfaces offers a solution for patients at risk of pressure damage, and can be used across multiple care environments.

Through high quality design, manufacturing and patented foam technology, TrezzoTM improves patient safety and comfort, and offers a more durable and sustainable solution in comparison to other support surfaces1.

Understanding your challenges.




Queen’s Award For Enterprise: INNOVATION 2022


  1. Ousey et al. (2016) Evaluating the TREZZOTM range of static foam surfaces: results of a comparative study. Wounds UK 12(4)